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Orlando Coffee Roasters was established in 2004, and our family took ownership in 2006. As an established, family-owned business. We offer fresh roasted coffee and a diverse selection of premier and high-quality beans from different regions around the world. The great thing about being a small, family-owned business is that we treat our customers like our family. Our mission is simple: TO PROVIDE OUR CUSTOMERS WITH THE BEST QUALITY COFFEE EXPERIENCE.

     Since we roast to order, every order is prepared and handled with pride to ensure that every pound of coffee reflects our promise to the quality and freshness that we strive for. Our passion for roasting coffee is evident in the consistent quality of our beans and our eagerness for sharing fresh, quality coffee with every customer. Taste the difference fresh roast makes.

Our online store is designed to provide our customers with an easy-to-use and secure shopping experience to browse our catalog and order.




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Gus - Owner

Gus enjoys working at Orlando Coffee Roasters because it’s a passion of his, there’s so much that goes into roasting the perfect bag of coffee. And coffee is something that is universal around the world, he enjoys being a part of something that every country and culture takes part in.


Miguel - Warehouse Assistant

Miguel enjoys working at Orlando Coffee Roasters because he likes learning about the different types of coffees and the different regions they come from. He also loves being able to work hand in hand with family to make this company grow and flourish.

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Ruth - Office Manager

Ruth enjoys working at Orlando Coffee Roasters because she loves learning all about the different regions that produce coffee beans and the different tastes that the beans have. She also loves working here because she gets to spend time with family. Being a family-owned business has so many perks and getting to be involved in something so special with the people in her life makes coming to work exciting.

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Julia - Marketing Director

Julia enjoys working at Orlando Coffee Roasters because she loves coffee and is excited to come to work and be able to learn about and drink the different types of coffee. She says she’s blessed to be able to get to work with something she loves and is happy to come to work.