Fully Washed Process

Washed coffee, also referred to as the wet process, the coffee cherry is pulped by a machine. Once this outer layer has been removed, the bean with is mucilage is then fermented in water for at least one to two days and sometimes longer. After the fermentation process, the bean is then washed from its mucilage after it has released its aroma.Of all the coffee processing methods, this method often produces the highest quality coffee. However, it requires a lot of skill and water in order to perform correctly. Some of the world’s finest (and often most expensive) coffees are created using this process. In wet processing, freshly picked coffee fruits are pulped (mechanically separating the seed from the fruit), then the slippery mucilage that remains is removed through controlled fermentation, or in some cases, using a mechanical demucilator. This method produces clean, bright-toned, lighter-bodied coffees and carries a lower risk of defects. It is the process of choice in Colombia, Central America, Kenya and many other coffee producing countries.

*From CherryCoffeeBeans.com

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